A Return to Rapture….

Let it be said that I am a massive fan of Bioshock. It’s one of those rare games that have really caught my imagination, even to this day. It is evident that a lot of talent and creativity went into breathing life into Rapture. This survival horror first person shooter that somehow turned Atlas Shrugged […]

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A Brisk Look @ The Colony

ERHMAHGERD GLOBAL WARMING!!! We gotta keep cashin’ on this environmental shit while we can BOYZ! So yea, here’s an easily forgettable film! I had a fair amount of anticipation for the film but alas, with a good cast and a decent budget it still feels like B-movie! An enjoyable B-movie but oh well! Before we […]

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A Brisk Look @ The Rope

Now alot of people are not all that keen on old school movies. When I say old school I don’t mean the 1980s and 70s. I mean stuff that dates from the ‘Golden Age’ of Hollywood ; stuff that roughly dates from the late 30s to the early 60s. In particular I am a massive […]

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A Brisk Look @ Feast

I have noticed a trend in horror films gradually since I first saw scream back in 2003. There appears to be a sub genre within horror¬†that has gradually developed over the years that directly lampoon and skewer archetypes, stereotypes, tropes and formulas that you typically find within horror films. Mere parodies these are not. For […]

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